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What is WWF?

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The Washington Wildlife Federation (WWF), is an organization of conservation-minded hunters, fishers, and outdoor enthusiasts who form a statewide network for healthy habitats, public access and outdoor education, advocacy and action.

We influence state and federal policies, teach outdoor ethics and appreciation, and ensure healthy wildlife populations and habitat for future generations.

Our board members are represented on multiple state advisory councils, advising the State Department of Fish and Wildlife on conservation issues and working toward increased public access. Washington State holds millions of acres of public lands and we work to increase public recreational access to these lands.

Our Washington Outdoor Women program is the state’s most comprehensive outdoor education program for women, and we are working to expand that to Eastern Washington and to include their children!  We also work within local school districts on specific projects related to clean air and water.

We promote responsible outdoor recreation, ethical hunting and fishing, and outdoor skills training. We were instrumental in starting the Master Hunter Program, with which we are still involved.

We work closely with and other conservation groups and the National Wildlife Federation to make our conservation voice heard and our influence more effective at protecting wildlife habitats.  And, with the Washington Wildlife and Recreation Coalition, originally formed through work of the WWF, we co-chair the Washington State Teaming Coalition to bring Federal resources to our state.

We also influence state wildlife policies and planning strategies to address climate change impacts  through our membership on several Advisory Councils and Technical Advisory Groups.

WWF also teams with Regional Fisheries Enhancement Groups, Save Our Wild Salmon, The Wild Steelhead Coalition, American Rivers , Trout Unlimited, and others in supporting recovery of wild fish populations.

Please, donate today or join with us in membership to strengthen the voice of the Conservation Community.