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Sportsmen, Conservation & Ethics

Bird hunting in Eastern
WashingtonWWF actively works to portray the image of the hunter conservationist of the early 20th century. The abundant natural resources that we enjoy today and the public lands that help ensure access to them are a testament to efforts of these early conservationists.

WWF was integral in instituting WDFW's Master Hunter Program which emphasizes safe, lawful and ethical hunting priorities while upholding the highest standards.  Through these efforts, WWF hopes to increase public access and opportunities for outdoor recreation on private and public lands.
WWF continues to support the WDFW's Hunter Safety Program.

These ethics include the ethic of conservation. Hunters, fishers, hikers and other outdoor-enthusiasts all have in common a love of the natural world and a strong desire to conserve its integrity and beauty for future generations. This commonality brings us to work together for wise stewardship of our lands, habitat and wildlife.